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What is the Rikster Weber Group?
The Rikster Weber Group has been named after its founder, Rikster Weber. She lived in the Dutch countryside and had a keen eye for the beauty and traditions of bygone days. She wanted to safeguard and cherish them. Henceforth a very special group of people grew, that shared her care for past traditions and in 1983 the Rikster Weber Group was established. Together they try to honour the traditions of the past.

At present the Rikster Weber Group has more than 300 members and amongst them are skilled craftsmen, musicians and dancers. Together, they create colourful events in ancient settings.

We promise that you will remember merry medieval fairs, receptions or feasts. As if it were magic, the Rikster Weber Group will turn your event into an unforgettable experience. Imagine yourself blending into the past amidst many actors and actresses dressed in ancient costumes; hear the sound of ancient instruments and smell the aroma of dishes you have almost forgotten.

It goes without saying that the event will be tailor made according to your wishes.
We will gladly provide you with any information you may wish and advise you to make an appointment for an interview by clicking the hyperlink contact.

You can also contact us by telephone; number +31 573 431893.

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