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Town and Village Festivities:

We are experienced in organising town and village festivities through different ages of time within the time span between the Middle Ages and the beginning of the 20th century. Below are a few examples of town and village festivities in which we have experience in organising:

Medieval Year Fair:
Because the Rikster Weber Group with its many members very is versatile and almost every wish can be fulfilled. For example, if you want to organise a Medieval Year Fair, the Rikster Weber Group easily turns the centre of your town into an ancient town centre with real musicians, craftsmen and actors.

A “Preuverije”:
Have you ever tasted “Knorhaantjes, Donderschoer or Kniepertjes?”. A “Preuverije” from the Rikster Weber Group is the ideal way for you to become acquainted with (typical old-Dutch food) and drinks. It is guaranteed to be a great experience!

These are just two examples of our possibilities. We are experienced in organizing different events throughout different ages of time. We are able to organize an event for up to 100.000 guests for which we use 300 employees, but we can also be hired as hosts or hostesses for an event of a smaller scale.
The References link will give you further examples of our previous events.

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