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In company events

For companies, the Rikster Weber Group can organize original, historical in company events or festivities. To create a memorable experience , why not think of a historical eventBecause you want something that’s different from what is usual, you should think of a historical event where you can find yourself back in time between craftsmen and citizens from the past. Another option is to organise an company festivity for your employees. For example, you can return to the time of the knights and noble women. Everything is chosen according to the desired topic and we ensure a successful event.

As well as tailor made events, we are able to organise any event through different ages of time within the time span between the Middle Ages and the beginning of the 20th Century. We can organise company festivities of every size; from small organizations up to large (inter)national companies. A company event or company festivity organised by the Rikster Weber Group is guaranteed to be spectacular, fun and unforgettable experience!

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